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Why you should replace a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that usually appear in late teens or early 20s. They cause a range of oral health problems, and so dentists recommend the people to remove the tooth. By removing the wisdom tooth it can bring significant health benefits and prevent future oral pain. The wisdom teeth are misaligned, and so it is difficult to keep it clean. By removing the wisdom teeth you could reduce the risk of gum disease. When you lose teeth, the efficiency decreases, and function suffers. So, you have to choose the right tooth replacement options singapore after extracting the tooth.

If you do not replace a tooth, it puts additional pressure on the remaining teeth. It leads to bone loss and wearing off the enamel. The extra pressure on other teeth eventually reduces the life of the remaining teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth makes you look older as there will be sinking in front of the face when back teeth are not replaced. To improve and maintain your aesthetic look, you have to prefer the best tooth replacement options singapore.

To maintain a healthy bone tooth is essential. If not replaced, it can lead to accelerated loss of alveolar bone. Good bone support is essential for the construction of dentures, especially in old age.

Each tooth plays a vital role in maintaining the adjacent and opposing tooth in place. If you do not replace it immediately, then it reduces the efficiency of chewing food. If you want to eat your favorite food, then replace the missing tooth.