rewards api

Improving incentive and rewards

The current world is running through the benefits of online platforms. Most of the people are digitally ahead in their game and are using the platforms for all the things. Even in the working place, companies are turning to online platforms to get their business done. One such option and creation is Rewardz. It is a one-stop platform that is created for the customers, employees, and partners of a particular company. They are committed to creating positive change through their reinforcement. Rewards API is one of the products of the site which provides B2B incentives, customer loyalty incentive, sales/employee rewards. Through their approach, they try to address all the incentive needs. Their rich and relevant rewards marketplace is made available across a wide range of options. SPUR is the name and it appeals to all lifestyles.

TheĀ rewards api SPUR enhance user acquisition, retention, and engagement matching the corporate objectives and goals. This can also be integrated into the existing platforms through API. It is also distributed through a web dashboard and held in any digital wallet without the need to download any other app. It can be used in various forms;

  • Rewards connect.
  • Rewards distribute.
  • Rewards credit.

Capabilities of SPUR:

  • It has depth and breadth of reward suite.
  • Customizable, personalized reward program.
  • Holistic reward management.
  • Ease of integration/deployment and end-user access.
  • Redemption analytics.
  • Targeting and promotion.

For more information, visit the website to know about the rewards program and how it can be used through digital platforms to leverage the business engagements.