melanotan ii

What is melanotan?

The melanotan is a self controlled injectable tan, which greatly works by encouraging the melanin production. Actually, there are dual various kinds of melanotan available such as:

Melanotan 1:

It is a peptide that imitates the performance and also effects of hormone, which delivers melanin. It has slighter side effects than melanotan 2, but it is quite tougher to discover and also more expensive.

Melanotan 2

It is also known as melanotan II or M-II, which also imitates the performance of hormone and delivers melanin. But, it is not having similar chemical composition as melanotan 1. Its side effects include acne, dizziness, nausea and other skin issues. This injection can also be widely used for the erectile dysfunction, so its side effects might also include the unintended arousal.

Even some of the manufacturer said that the melanotan can build your skin very darker without any risks linked with sun contact and tanning beds. The company also claims that the tanning developed by injections can safeguard your skin against the skin cancer.

Is melanotan safe to use?

melanotan ii

The melanotan is not FDA approved, so they are illegal in the Australia, Canada, U.S. and U.K.; because of its severe safety concerns. As per the report, the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Australia’s Health Department, it had abandoned the examinations into regulating the melanotan for treating erectile dysfunction; because of its side effects linked with the cardiovascular and immune systems. However, these side effects might be evident in any use of an injection.

Another dermatologic surgeon suggested that there have been no long term clinical trials, so the side effects of this chemical are unknown. Also, the reactions to this drug may differ from one person to another person, which could be ranged from acute allergic reactions to acne, sickness and dizziness. Since, this is widely available on the internet as well as from sources outside the U.S. so, you can easily buy this injectable of peptide.

How much does it price?

The cost of melanotan may differ significantly in different states; because it is illegal to use in the United States. In order to achieve and maintain the best possible results, you will require the regular melanotan injections. So, the total price will depends on the count of injections you may select to have ordered. When you want to purchase this, you just check out its website and determine a trusted one.