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The Great Evolution in Commercial Photography

Most of the commercial photography is about photographing products and services. However, since commercial photographers are known as some of the most accomplished and talented photographers out there, it should come as no surprise that they are also frequently hired as wedding photographers. The vast majority of photographers will become wedding photographers when they are not in the business of product photography.

Taking pictures for commercial use was expensive and time consuming.

Few photographers wanted to spend their time taking product photos and then sorting through hundreds of them to find the best one. Today, digital cameras and digital storage media such as SD cards have made things much more comfortable and cheaper. Most professional photographers will have the latest 18-megapixel camera with an external flash and multiple backup memory cards. Compared to what professional photographers spent money on two decades ago, this equipment is cheap in both the short and long term. The only real investment is buying a set of lenses, most of which will be macro lenses if they specialize in product photography. The time it takes to complete a project has also been significantly reduced, thanks to the fact that today’s commercial photographer can make decisions on the spot about whether their photos are good and erase those that are not. However, commercial photography is still a challenging task, thanks to the latest highly competitive cameras.

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In the past, most of the post-processing was done manually, so the photographer’s options were limited. So the photographers got the right shot or had to do it again, they couldn’t correct mistakes, replace the background, or add colors. Post-production is an essential part of commercial photography today. Post-production tools like Photoshop help photographers correct mistakes, correct imperfections, and edit photos so that they can be used in a variety of print and digital media. While using post-production tools has become more comfortable and more accessible in recent years, it takes experience to make the right edits and add the right filters, balances, and layers.


While the ways of commercial photography have changed and made it more accessible, it still takes skill and experience. Either way, if you want to raise the morale of your employees or improve your company’s image through social media and print campaigns.