The best software to use for hacking any facebook account

Facebook is the world’s most navigated social networking site every day. With its 750 million users. Facebook has created a community of its own. From a basement project to a medium for everyone to communicate. This is one of the main reasons why this is a priority target for hackers. With all sensitive data for each account. Facebook is working hard to prevent anyone from hacking. Facebook’s main priority is the security of its users. Facebook is the leading app people download on all platforms such as iOS and Android. There are so many ways to hack Facebook but only a few succeeded.

Below are the top ways to hack Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most opened social networking sites. This became the number 1 target of hackers.


80% of people use an old password in their browser to access Facebook. This can be very convenient. But also dangerous. Stealers is a software made to capture old passwords. These passwords are being stored in the victim’s browser.


Hijacking or session hijacking is often known to be very dangerous. If you are opening Facebook an http connection. Session hijacking attacks a hacker and steals the victim’s browser cookie. These cookies are often used to verify a user on a website. Session hijacking is always used on LANs.

DNS Spoofing

If both the victim and the attacker are using the same network. An attacker can use a DNS spoofing to hack and change the original Facebook page to his own fake page. This way the hacker can gain access to the user’s account.

USB Hacking

If a hacker has physical access to a user’s computer. The hacker could insert a USB program with a function that will extract and save data right away.

 The only hacking software that will work for facebook

All social networks use their own preventive measures for these hacks. But with modern security parameters. This algorithm is being adapted. And a new breed of hacking tools is emerging that’s proven to be working.

These Hacking techniques will never work. There are a few facebook hack that are working. These facebook hack software will allow you to get access to the user’s account. Get all the information you need but still remain hidden and protected. This software will only stop working once the user changes the password. But you still can hack it with the software.