Evaporative humidifier

Humidifier Filter: How To Make It Last Longer

Some of us use humidifiers at home because of some health benefits we can get from it, like preventing airborne diseases, snoring, and static. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to aid dryness that troubles the skin, nose, throat, and some parts of the body. They may also help your rooms feel warmer, relieve your allergies, and they are also beneficial for houseplants. Prolonging a humidifier’s filter life or reaching the estimated life cycle of a humidifier often relies on environmental and device factors such as wick-type. Read onĀ  to understand how you can make your humidifier filter last longer.

How Long Do Humidifier Filters Last?

Manufacturers and experts generally suggest that wick-type portable humidifier filters should be changed after a month or three. There are good reasons to change or simply clean humidifier filters as per suggestion. For instance, as a room humidifier works, it pulls in air and expels it out to the room as either a warm or a cool mist, depending on the kind of humidifier. During the process, the filter traps the dust and other air particles so it won’t circulate in the air of the room.

Then these air contaminants will clog the filter and affect the proper function of the humidifier. This will make the device to be less efficient when the filter is dirty, and when it works harder than it should, it is likely to wear out and become non-functional. It could also be expelling filthy air and mold spores to the room since there is no proper filtration.

Evaporative humidifier

What Affects Its Life and Function?

Dust, smoke, and animal dander can easily get clogged in a filter. It will then affect its function and can shorten its lifespan. Proper dust maintenance and regular vacuuming of the room, particularly the area near the humidifier, can extend filter life.

Water quality can also affect proper humidifier function as hard water minerals deposit clog the filter. Unless there’s a water softening equipment or a water filtration installed, then this problem is already addressed. The use of bottled water to run a humidifier is neither economical nor practical. The leading solution for this is proper cleaning or changing the filter regularly.

Routine Maintenance

With proper dust and residue control, humidifier filters will only require a change of only about every three months. Some wick filters can simply be soaked in water to clean it. Although it may take some time, It is important to always read the user’s manual to check how to clean it properly. However, considering all these, purchasing humidifier filters are economical and could save you time from doing the cleaning maintenance.

Cleaning the humidifier and changing its filter is simple and easy. It only even takes a few steps and spare time. Also, regular cleaning and changing of the humidifier filter will keep it functioning at its utmost efficiency. It is highly recommended to clean the humidifier and change its filter if you decide to keep it for the meantime particularly during off-seasons,