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How electricity is saved at Singapore and how people manage their price plans?

The electricity traffic get varies by country to county and it mainly depends on the customer choice. For the best electricity deals, you need to consider and compare the rewards and latest price plans side by side and then purchase the price plane which is convenient for you. No families of two are same that is why the government offers flexible energy price plan options which match your lifestyle, household budget and energy need to save money.

In Singapore, residential consumers buy electricity from market support companies which are regulated by EMA, Electric Authority of Singapore. Here the electricity is saved depends on the type of electric plan you choose for your home. Some people use solar energy plan which comes with low rates compared to the tariff.

There are two standard price plans, one is a fixed price plan where the consumers are charged a constant rate for electricity used and other is regulated tariff plans where the consumer’s electricity rate changes depending on the regulated tariff. People can choose the residential electricity price plan which suits you better.

Steps to be followed before you sign up with any retailer

First, you read the selected price plan fact sheet were the key contractual terms are summarised. If you choose automatic renewal contract, the service provider must provide affordable electricity rate which is lesser than the regulated tariff. If you cannot understand the terms and conditions of the contract, ask the retailer to explain it. If you have any dispute with the retailer you can contact or approach the CASE, Consumers Association of Singapore for assistance.