Fishing guide st. Augustine

Fish trade. The idea of selling fish. Selection of target recipients

Every citizen of Russia consumes 22 kg of fish every year, while Europeans eat 30 kg and Japanese over 60 kg. This suggests that the domestic market is still not fully saturated with fish products. Therefore, opening new stalls and fish and seafood stores can be a profitable business you need fishing guide st. Augustine.

Basic training – market research, finding suppliers and a good place

It should be noted that you cannot do without the preparation and market research in the region of the proposed trade. It is necessary to determine the capacity of the fish market, how big the competition will be. Stable demand will probably be ensured. But this is not only the decisive factor fishing guide st. augustine that allows you to make the final decision to open the fish mouth.

Fishing guide st. Augustine

Reliable suppliers –

This is the second main condition in this industry. Good wholesale bases, fishing companies offering competitive prices – the search for such facilities is the most important starting point for starting a business. At the same time, the decision to choose one or the other supplier should be influenced not only by prices but also by distance from the place of trade and the method of delivery of the product. Some wholesalers can supply themselves. Otherwise, you will have to buy your own car with a fridge or conclude a contract with a transport company that can ensure the supply of fish products.

To sell products, you can install a fish stall or open a department in a grocery store.

Fish is a perishable product, so you need to sell it quickly, so points should be in places with heavy traffic. Retention complexes are one of the successful options. Opening a fish stand in a residential area will also benefit because, in this case, the point of sale will always have a group of regular customers.

Documentation required

To open and work, you need the entire document package:

Registration certificate (can be LLC or IP).

  • Documents confirming the rights to this non-residential premises owned or used on the basis of a rental contract.
  • This document should be located directly on the dance floor.
  • Sanitary books from store employees.
  • Assortment

Customers can offer the following range:

Frozen fish It is desirable that the list contains at least 15 species, among them those that are very much sought after hake, mackerel, herring, pollock, pink salmon, tilapia, blue whiting, shag, sprat, capelin.

Freshly caught fish. It is good if there are not less than ten species, including carp, zander, crucian carp, bream. Depending on the region and the species composition of fish caught in nearby water bodies, the range will be different.