With the innovation of new display technologies, electronic signage has taken over the entire signage industry. The old and ordinary traditional static signs have now been replaced with these vivid, bright and colorful animated signs. These signs are either advertisements with digital images, videos, restaurant menus, weather data, etc., or a combination of them all.

Nowadays, you can see them anywhere and everywhere including all public places like the outside of theaters, inside and outside transport stations, museums, malls, restaurants and hotels. The main purpose of these signs is to display information, advertisements or other marketing services. There are a lot of segments and types of electronic signage gaining popularity in a lot of countries. For example, the digital signage system Singapore is the most common way to display signs.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is another sub-segment of these electronic signage that use LED, LCD, projection and e-paper to display various signs. Every digital signage system includes three parts:

  • Content – This could be either in the form of digital media such as images, video or animation to display a story, advertisement or promotional content.
  • Hardware – This involves the physical components of the sign which can be the screens, mounts, camera, printers or payment devices.
  • Software – This comprises of the digital programming and infrastructure that was used to create, develop and analyse the hardware components.

This digital system of displaying signs is not just attractive and eye-catching, but they also function to offer a lot of other benefits. They can be used in a variety of ways by businesses and marketing sectors to increase productivity in an advantageous manner. There are different types of these signage that are rapidly advancing to include components like muti-touch screens, motion sensors, remote actions, voice and speech recognition. With the evolution of technology, there is an even higher scope of advancement in the future for this system of signage.