Basement with a new twist

Basement with a new twist

There are several reasons why people are excited and need to do a changeover to their place. Whatever it may be for each family, there are firms that help them to renovate and redecorate. Basement finishing Richmond Hill is a family-owned business by a father, wife, and son. They are in this field for more than 23 years. With their rich experience, they have been committed to giving out the best outcome only. They have a separate team of distinct needs and they work together to produce the best results. Their customer base is very high and has enormous values for their business and the people involved in it. Their success is talked over the town with their thirst to ensure customer satisfaction.

How they do it?

The basement finishing Richmond Hill has a typical style of doing business. All their staffs are extremely friendly and have several years of experience. Apart from this, they have been partnered with many companies such as Tru-Stone, Olympia Tile, Kronoswiss, Spacecraft, Symphony Kitchens and much more. As can be seen, each of their partners is different in the field. Their relationship is extremely mutual and promising. Together, they strive to bring in new changes to every home. The procedure in which they start the renovation is as below;

  • First, they calculate the estimate by visiting the space and understanding the size and area
  • Then the showroom visit happens where all the products are displayed on how it looks
  • They create a 3d design of the layout and the planning after communicating with the owners on how they need the renovation and what they are expecting
  • Then the team starts the rebuilding process
  • From the day of starting, within a maximum of 3 weeks it gets completed
  • At last, it is time for the family to look at their new basement and get their reviews.

basement finishing Richmond Hill

This is done in all cases. There are several ideas on what to do with the basement. Bar & kitchen, personal gym, open concept, home theatre, Bathrooms & saunas, basement bedrooms, fireplace, family room, and much more are some of the different thoughts that have been brought into action. Depending on the needs of the family members from old to young, they understand each persons’ wishes and act accordingly. From walls, floor, ceiling, they take care of everything. There are several pieces of information available on the website, kindly check and get a consultation for your own home.