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Why You Actually Need A Dog Crate

Contrary to the belief of some dog owners that dogs shouldn’t be trained and kept into crates, dog kennels are actually a good thing and every owner should consider getting one for their pet.

Some people hate the dog crates because they think forcing the dogs to stay in them is cruel and inhumane. They think that dogs feel abandoned, scared when being alone in the crate, and they base all this on the look of the face of the puppy when it is forced to go inside the kennel.

However, these people don’t understand the positive sides of the crates and they also obviously are not aware of the dog’s nature and habits. In this article, we’ll try to explain why dog kennels are a good thing and why everyone should get one and teach their pet to live in it.

Dog’s instinct tells them the crate is great

Dog’s ancestors used to live and hide in caves before they were tamed and started living as home pets and guardian dogs. Today’s dog’s big brother – the wolf, still lives in caves and this is their safe zone.

If you think about it, the kennel is looking just like a cave. Once the dog gets in it feels like it is in a cave. The reason why many different animals love caves is that it gives them shelter. It protects them from heavy rains and extreme heat, but it also provides a safe zone from natural predators. Others can’t see them in the darkness and if they are attacked, the cave gives them the opportunity to fight one opponent at a time not worrying about the surroundings.

That’s why kennels are good – because it reminds them of caves. It gives a feeling of security and being in a safe place. Actually, the crate really helps the animal be safer. A lot of dogs run around and get lost or stolen. Being kept in kennels makes them safe. Also, some owners live nearby busy streets and can’t afford to let their loved ones run around the neighborhood without being monitored at all times. The kennel really keeps them safe and unharmed by the cruel surrounding of the cities.

best dog crates

Their own place

Crates shouldn’t be seen as the place where dogs go when they’re grounded for being bad. No, it’s their own personal spot where they rule. A kennel shouldn’t be just an empty spot with metal bars like a prison. It should be the place where the pet enjoys sometime during the day and sleeps during the night.

Owners should introduce the kennel as the sweet spot, place some toys, put on warm and comfortable clothes that will act as a bed for the puppy. This way the dog will surely not hate the crate. It will see it as its own favorite place where it feels safe. When something bad happens, the owner can force the dog to go to its place. This way the pet will know it made a mistake, but it will feel relaxed knowing that it’s staying in its own sweet spot. Everyone’s happy this way.

How to choose the best crate?

There are many brands and models, but how to choose the best dog crates? First thing you need to consider is the size of your dog. Get something in which it will feel comfortable. Another important thing is durability. Sometimes kennels made of poor materials will easily be torn down from your dog.

You want your pet to be safe at all times so make sure you get something that’s made of proper materials that will keep the crate secured. The third important feature every kennel must have is air flow.

Unlike humans, dogs can’t take off their fur in order to keep them cool. Those hot days and night can create a real problem and dehydrate your pet. It’s important to always have an air flow inside so the animal can feel happy.

Last but not least – discipline. Dogs, like most humans, love law and order. Time for feeding, time for fun and having a walk in the park, and time for sleep. The food bowl reminds them of food, the door means a walk in the park and the crate reminds them of sleep.