Want to increase your chances of winning the lotto?

Statistics show us many factors that can be useful and useless for many reasons. A fantastic example of this is the simple fact that 85 percent of modern people live in the northern part of the planet. Another illustration is that only twelve percent of a large number of people who create resolutions at the beginning of the year can adhere to them.

Imagine how great it was for each person in addition to the outstanding thing that remained when the guy used his $ 1000 lottery prize to buy another job that brought him a million dollars! The likelihood that such an event materializes is an enormous — very positive coincidence.


What would you think about a man who earned a standard salary, but spent almost everything on lottery tickets? Well, there is a guy from New York who does this. Lottoland gratis is irrationally convinced that by investing your money in the lottery, you increase your chance to win a big prize with each ticket (for the number of tickets).

However, lottoland gratis does not understand that buying more tickets will never increase his chances of winning a prize. Each of the tickets purchased at random always has the same probability of winning, like all the others, regardless of the volume that you get! 

Many people are surprised when they learn that winning the lottery is extremely difficult.

If you buy a lottery game in the UK, which is a 6/49 draw, you will have more chances to die before the draw at the beginning of the week than people would have won.

This regrettable statistic is true because you have fourteen million chances to win the jackpot in 6 out of 49 draws, as well as the likelihood of being hit by lightning and death,  is close to more than two million to one. These low probabilities apply to every ticket you buy. The fact that you have 100 tickets does not mean that you have more chances to win!

However, you can increase your chances of winning the lottery by using mathematical numbers to your advantage. For example, the lottery wheels is an effective method to increase your chances of winning the maximum win in the lottery.

Every time you turn one more digit of your choice from six, you choose seven numbers instead, and then you turn, so that all numbers end in a game together, two things happen. You have to buy extra tickets that you usually pay, so the money from your participation in the lottery increases. However, something exciting is happening: your chance to win the jackpot increases significantly.

In the English lottery, simply drag the additional number so that by choosing seven numbers instead of the standard six, reduce your chances of winning from fourteen million to one, from half a million to one!


There are other lottery methods that offer the best odds. However, keep this in mind if lottoland gratis participated in 6 of 49 lottery games and used a techniques with wheels, instead of buying arbitrary numbers, he could win the lottery a couple of times!