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Top tips on printing banners for your business

One of the most widely used outdoor products is the banners. To get a perfect banner you need to be perfect. Hope these tips will help you. Click here for cheap banner printing singapore.

cheap banner printing singaporeDesign programs

For a much more professional and quality result, it would be convenient to use competent programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Visit this site for cheap banner printing singapore.

Size and resolution of the file and images

In many cases the file is usually made with a resolution of less than 300 dpi and not in scale. So it is recommended to do it in scale / dpi. In the case of large format, it is convenient to make the file in 10% scale with 300 dpi resolution. For example: if we want a 3 × 3 meter canvas, the correct file should measure 30 × 30 cm (which is 10% of the actual size) with 300 dpi.


The images that must be used in the design must also have a high resolution otherwise there is a risk that the canvas, seen from a distance and being micro-perforated, looks opaque. So we must use quality and large images since the file (as said above) will be scaled up to a maximum of 10 times. There are several pages and image banks on the web that make available photos and vector elements with very good quality such as at low cost: and vector elements:

Important texts or elements far from the edges

This is an important aspect to consider when making the file for an advertising canvas since this will avoid cutting letters or other important content.