Planning the transition from military to executive

For many military officials, seeking a career after military service is often a problematic process. However, you can also succeed in a career outside if you get the guidance you need. Proper military transition planning is the key to success. Here is a guide to help you make your transition smoother.

Give yourself some time

Leaving military service means that you are leaving the lifestyle. You and your family need time to accept change. Give yourself time to relax in civilian life.

Consider your professional goals

When moving from a military career to a leading career, you must consider your professional goals. Some people who move from a military profession to another find this less satisfactory. Therefore, it is advisable to find the profession or industry that is most suitable for you.

Plan an Effective Job Search Campaign

Planning an effective job search campaign can reduce or eliminate the stress and problems of joining the military as in SOFREP news. When planning, consider where you want to live, in which industry you want to work, what job title you need, your salary requirements and the exact time when you are ready to start a new job. It is also important to determine whether you need additional education or training to meet the requirements of potential employers in the industry you want to join.

Then do a job search specific to the company. You can filter industries and companies, depending on your interests. You can open accounts with bulletin boards to help you quickly find the right businesses and jobs.

Write a resume

Do not use military jargon when writing a resume. People who decide to hire may not understand this jargon. Be sure to use civilian equivalents when indicating your military work. Also provide details of your responsibilities in this role, as they may relate to the position you are looking for. You cannot expect your potential employer to understand how his military career matches the skills and abilities they seek. You must translate the skills gained in military training into the civilian language.