Making Fresh Chili Powder Is Easy

To make your own chili powder, you really only need four ingredients: 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds, 3 chilli (Ancho) (dried chilli), 3 Anaheim chilli (New Mexico pepper), and 3 dried cayenne peppers. The process of converting these simple ingredients into fantastic chilli powder has only 3 steps.

The first thing to do is cut the tops of pepper and try to get rid of as many seeds as possible. Try to get them all but leaving a few do not kill the finished product. Cut the peppers up or if they are too dry, just crush them in a medium-sized skillet with cumin seeds.

Toast chili and cumin seeds over medium-high heat for several minutes. I know when I’m ready when the chili starts in the darkness or I can smell it all over the room. This error is complicated, if you are worried about overcoming the mix, just go to the next step. The full purpose of this step is to awaken and release the oils that remain in the chili and cumin seeds.

Finally, place the mixture in a blender or coffee grinder and mix until it turns into a gentle powder. When using a coffee grinder, you will not be able to apply the mixture at once, so do it in batches. When I use my blender, I can only fill the roasted chili, but once all this turns into a powder up to about 1/4 cup. It is enough for 2 or 3 different recipes.

Fresh is the best, and one of the great things about this recipe is that it is all I really need for the few weeks that it keeps its “freshness.”

That’s really all there is to it. Making your own chili powder at home will reward you and your guests for better food and better times. Stop spending money at the store buying a¬†huge selection of chili powders that are barely comparable to what you can make yourself. This is not difficult, and the smell and taste of the enhanced dishes will make you wonder why you are bothering yourself on earth with a store that bought chili powder.

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