Looking for Totoro printed shirts and accessories? Check out here for more details

Who does not like Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro? The character which we like and adore the most till date, although the movie was released many years ago. These cute creatures will be in our minds for many more years to come. There are many items that come impersonated with the character like in T-shirts (for both men and women), cups, and plush. If you are looking for an online site to purchase your favorite T-Shirt or plush with Totoro image on it, then there is a site exclusively for the same called a Ghibli store.


How to purchase Totoro shirts from the store?

As said earlier, there are many items that have various Ghibli movies characters on the website. You can find more by checking on the website. Following are the steps to buy your favorite Totoro T-shirt, Plush, and other items.

  • Go to your web browser and type ‘Ghibli Store’ and click Search.
  • Many web results will be shown as a result and choose the official store website from the web search results. It is usually located at the first result of the webpage.
  • Once you have entered into the website, you can search for the My Neighbor Totoro under Ghibli Movies category.
  • Click on the ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ and you will be redirected to the page where you can find all the items available related to the character Totoro.
  • Most items are on sale with various discounts and offers by which you can save a whole bunch of money. Click on the item you wish to buy and you will be redirected to the page where you can place an order.
  • If you are choosing the shirt type of items, then you should provide details like the type you need, the size of the shirt and quantity.
  • You can place the order with various payment options and can receive the items in a few shipping days.

These are the steps to buy Totoro printed T-shirts and other items like plush to place order. You can find more items related to various other characters of Ghibli movies on the same website.