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How to play LOTO, the answers to your questions

You can play either at the distributors such as tobacconist, bar tobacco, press and other places in a general good post.With the Internet on the website, you will register and enter your bank details in other applications and make a minimum deposit of € 5. The few minutes you will lose to these formalities will be largely offset by the ease of use of the net: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! On the web, you can also bet on sites that include a lot of lotteries from around the world. In particular, the Mega Millions lottery or the Power ball lotto with Jackpots Faramineux reaching + 650 million $ !! (Hence the usefulness of our system.

When are the lottery draws held?

The draws of the Loto are held all year every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 20:40 live on TV. Some draws are SUPER LOTO with a special jackpot lotto for an event, for example, the Super Lotto of the Mother’s Day with a jackpot of 10 million €.

Who can play a lotto?

Everyone but to play and especially to cash your winnings you must be major. No prize and jackpot can be won by a minor.

How much does a grid cost (the minimum to play)?

The minimum price of a ticket (a grid) is set at € 2.20

How to fill out your LOTO newsletter

Lotto, which you have probably already seen the draw on TV in many countries 2, is a lottery of chance where you have to find the 5 winning numbers and the complementary number to take the Jackpot.