Influencer Marketing


Today, it is one of the key trends in communication and marketing used by brands, while 65% of fashion and retail professionals claimed to have carried out actions or campaigns with Influencer Marketing Agentur in 2016.

  But What is an influencer? Broadly speaking, they are non-formal opinion leaders who use social networks to viralize their message. These professionals enjoy the credibility of a community of very active followers and have a great capacity to influence it. That credibility and ability to influence has been achieved thanks to a constant work in social networks and constant interaction with their followers.

Influencer Marketing

Greater credibility and confidence

  • There is no doubt that the influential word talks about the benefits we can obtain. It is obvious that if one person is able to influence the buying decisions of another, then the association of your brand with the influencer is a positive thing.
  • You must associate with people who have a positive image to your target market or target , that will give you an opportunity to your product. In that intelligence, both the powerful as you, you must examine what reimbursement are obtain from the association. For example, an influencer should not accept being the image of a brand that does not comply with what is promoted, and you should not relate your brand to people who do not give the image you want for your brand.
  • Another thing that you should keep in mind is the exclusivity of the influencer with respect to your brand. An influencer doing publicity for two brand of sunglasses does not create sense.

Better return on investment

It is said that the employ of an influencer very much improve the association between what is invest and what is obtain from said asset, but that should not be taken as a law.