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Beginner’s Guide to Motor Coach Travel Bus Rental

Your next tour and trip are coming up soon real fast. But do you know how you’re going to transport everyone to and from your desired location safely and on-time?

Several event planners tend to organize tours via carpools or book plane tickets to transport large number attendees of the group. However, these options may not seem the best and suitable to make it easier for the attendees to arrive late, lose their luggage, get lost, and more.

These kinds of options don’t guarantee that your group will be able to travel together, which can completely eliminate the purpose of a group outing.

An excellent way for your groups to travel safely and conveniently is hiring a chicago motor coach travel buses, especially in straggling cities of Chicago. To help you get the best booking rental for a charter or motor coach bus for your group, today’s articles are written to give you a simple guide to motor coach rentals.

Charter Bus or Motor Coach: What Is It?

A charter bus, or also known as a motor coach, is a type of vehicle that is mainly created for the private use of an organization, groups, or businesses. So, instead of traveling your group along with a set of a bus route, hiring a motor coach to take your group to your desired destination would be perfectly convenient for all.

What Does It Looks Like?

If you look at a motor coach at the outside, you will see the coach’s large panoramic windows, which allows the passengers to shed some natural lighting during the day. Underneath the windows, there are doors to open to uncover storage bays for the passenger’s luggage and essential equipment needed for the trip. Most of the time, the rental company’s logo will be painted on the exterior side of the bus.

chicago motor coach

If you walk through the doors of the coach, you will see the driver’s seat in the front and rows of cushioned seats for the passengers throughout the whole coach. Often, full-sized coaches also have a built-in bathroom at the back of the motor coach. Also, above the passenger’s seats, there are overhead bins where passengers can keep their personal belongings safe and secure during the whole ride.

Who Need Motor Coaches?

Organizations, businesses, sports teams, and more rented motor coaches to transport a large number of groups to and from their designated locations based on their itineraries. Here are some of the examples of trips that can be organized across the country:

  • Sports team for their annual sport’s championship
  • Wedding planner for bus shuttle for the wedding to transport guests to and from the wedding venue and reception party.
  • Event planners to transport delegates and VIPs for the upcoming conference
  • Church conference to transport church attendees for the conference venues
  • Team buildings for the employees that need to be transported from location A to location B
  • Music entertainers to transport from music festival venues while bringing large pieces of equipment required for the show.

How Many Seats Can a Motor Coach Accommodate?

Motor coaches come in different kinds of sizes with varying capacities of the seat. A typical motor coach can accommodate up to 56 seats, depending on the model and manufacturers of the vehicle. But most of the time, it can accommodate up to 36 to 60 seats.

If you prefer a compact vehicle, you can consider hiring a minibus, which can accommodate less than 35 passengers. This is perfect for transporting groups for out-of-town weddings, tours, and festivals.

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