RPO recruitment

Advantages of Outsourcing of Personnel Selection

Outsourcing or outsourcing of recruitment another word RPO recruitment is a service in which a company outsources some or all of their talent recruitment functions to other specialized professionals.

It is a type of service that is experiencing an extraordinary stage of apogee, as evidenced by the rapid growth of outsourcing of selection processes throughout the world.  It is necessary to take a look at the data provided by this study published in 2015 to realize that this option seems attractive to more and more companies.

Reduction of hiring time

Agencies and selection consultants usually have an active portfolio of candidates to which they dedicate efforts to care and maintain. Thus, when the time comes, the candidates are more predisposed to listen to proposals, so the deadline for closing the selection process is reduced.

One more issue to keep in brain is that a lot of recruiters are expert in one division. Therefore, they know where they can discover the correct citizens for the place additional rapidly.

Improvement of the quality of the candidates

A high-quality recruiter or headhunter has wide information in higher search technique and spend a lot of time network.

Cost savings

The reduction of the term to contract entails a reduction of the high cost (due to loss of productivity and potential income) of having an open vacancy.

On the other hand, a good selection company has the capacity and experience to improve the quality of hiring and to ensure that these are more aligned with the culture of the company. In this way, they also frequently reduce the costs of staff rotation.

Optimization of key activitiesRPO recruitment

One of the great advantages of an outsourcing service is that the subcontracting company is released from a series of tasks . This can devote more resources, time and efforts in distinctive competences: that is, in value activities that have a greater impact on business results.

Increase in control

The company delegates expert professionals who, thanks to their specialization, feel comfortable in all phases of the selection process. These tend to try not to give rise to chance and are attentive to the details, since they often end up being determinants in a successful contracting.